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We help provide food to the hungry in association with the Southwest Florida Food Pantry.
We seek justice through our work with groups such as Lee Interfaith For Empowerment.
We turn out in force to hold our local leaders accountable for their actions in our community...
...coming together with people of other faith communities in our search for justice.
Our commitment to making a difference extends overseas via The Grace Project.

Pastoral Care (CARE Network)

The mission of the Caring Network is to provide a ministry of hope and caring so that no member of our congregation need be alone.  The Caring Network is a catalyst for finding new ways to promote caring and to support the many expressions of caring that already exist within our church.  We offer a variety of caring minis-tries within the Caring Network’s circle of serving as described below.

Pastoral Care Associates (PCAs)

PCAs are a ministry team sharing pastoral care with the Rev. Allison Farnum. The team are members of the church who have received pastoral care training and security clearance.  The PCA Mission is to provide a ministry of hope and caring connections and to offer a compassionate presence when an individual may be struggling, alone or in pain.

Optimal Living Group

This group is open to all and does not require attending every session.  We meet in the Sanctuary on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, 4:00-5:30pm.  We discuss practical ways to cope with life's challenges and issues.  Helping others and developing maturity in ourselves is part of our quest.  We explore many paths and techniques for enriching our lives and making a difference for others.

Comfort Shawl & Quilt Ministry

Members create a shawl or lap quilt infused with caring, healing intentions for those in need of spiritual, emotional and physical support.

Prayer & Loving Intentions Ministry

Members will pray or send loving intentions for those in emotional, physical or spiritual need.

Joys & Sorrows Ministry

When made aware of a joy, sorrow or milestone in the lives of our members, a card may be sent. If requested by the person involved, the congregation will be made aware at Sunday Worship Service during "Stones of Intention."

Homes for the Holidays

Members who have no place special to go for Thanksgiving and Christmas will be matched with those who have an extra place at their table.

Memorial & Funeral Receptions

For those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, a reception following services at our church can be offered based on your wishes.

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

Assistance is available to members who suffer financial set-backs on a case-by-case basis. The fund is disbursed at the discretion of the Rev. Allison Farnum and Board President.

If you want to become involved with any of the caring ministries listed here or if you would like to start a new caring ministry, contact the Caring Network Coordinator.

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Max, parrot pet of Harvey and Ann Heckes
“It is great that Unitarian Universalists respect the interdependent web of all existence of which I am a part! I hope I can attend more Blessing of the Animals services in the future.”

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Antoinette Brown Blackwell (1825-1921), Unitarian minister.
“Throughout my life, I have addressed issues such as slavery abolition, temperance, and women's rights. In 1902, I helped found the Unitarian Society of Elizabeth, NJ, and served as its minister. In 1920, at age 95, I was the only participant from the 1850 Women's Rights Convention, in Worcester, MA, to see the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, giving women the right to vote.”