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We help provide food to the hungry in association with the Southwest Florida Food Pantry.
We have established community partnerships with organizations such as the Gulf Coast Symphony.
We serve social justice by holding our local leaders accountable for their actions in our community...
...coming together with people of other faith communities in our search for justice.
Our commitment to making a difference extends overseas via The Grace Project.

Gulf Coast Symphony

Inspired by love, we transform ourselves and serve others.

UUCFM leads inclusively to build a more just and sustainable SW Florida community, consistent with our strengths and values. We choose to serve others by building a “Community of Communities.”  We accomplish our goals through partnerships with vision-aligned organizations in SW Florida.

In 2020, unfettered by the constraints of a pandemic, we initiated plans with the Gulf Coast Symphony, one of the largest community orchestras, to create “community through music.”  We know that music can build a sense of compassion and community, improve our sense of well-being, and communicate emotion in a powerful way that often words cannot. In the fall of 2020, Gulf Coast Symphony will be inaugurating the “Music and Arts Community Center” (MACC) on our Shire Lane campus.



Southwest Florida is one of the fasted growing areas in the country and likely for the next 10 years.  At UUCFM we reach-out to a growing community through a new partnership in music with MACC. Of special interest to us is to provide equitable access to excellent music education and arts experiences for the youth of our community with great focus on underprivileged children county-wide. MACC will be a hub (on our campus) where people of all ages can share music and where diversity, expression and self-transformation are the very essence of our UUCFM campus.

Through this music ministry outreach in an innovative partnership with the Gulf Coast Symphony, we believe together we can help build a more equitable civic culture.

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To view the full press release announcing this exciting new partnership, please read this News-Press article.

And please make sure to visit our new partners at the Gulf Coast Symphony.

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Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Jennifer Grant
“I loved the people who were very warm and welcoming. During my first service the lay leader mentioned the Unitarian Universalist principles and he talked about the first one – The Inherent Worth and Dignity of all People! I knew I was home!”

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Max, parrot pet of Harvey and Ann Heckes
“It is great that Unitarian Universalists respect the interdependent web of all existence of which I am a part! I hope I can attend more Blessing of the Animals services in the future.”

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Joan Hickok
"A liberal religion compatible with my secular Jewish background is important to me."