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Christian, Buddhist, Humanist, Earth-Centered... we all come together as one.
We enjoy having fun, such as at this Bardic Yule feast hosted by CUUPS.
Summer camp for kids teaches UU values with a Harry Potter inspired theme.
Singing our UU values as we begin the week of UUCFM Wizard Camp for kids.
The Humanist Group meets to share presentations on topics of interest.


... not just about caring for the present, but investing in the future.

We live in and by our web of loves and relationships, each lending support and strength to the other. The image of stewardship draws together the many threads of this web: the earth upon which we live, the elements of community we value, and the institutions that forward our values and provide services we think are important. Stewards are caretakers with a forward vision. They hold something in trust. They ensure that it will be there in the future for the benefit of others. Successful stewards not only protect, but help something to improve and grow. Their actions are
empowering. This is true regardless of whether we are stewards of the earth, institutions, people, or our Unitarian Universalist faith community.

Stewardship takes place at the intersection of our spirituality and our ethics. We both celebrate life and accept the responsibility to love and care for the gifts of life. Stewardship is about taking care of something we value and enabling it to grow. When we become stewards, we take responsibility and contribute our time, talent and treasure.  Stewardship undergirds everything that a faith community does and calls us into deeper connection with each other.

We know that stewardship encompasses much more than financial contributions:

  • Taking care of the church building or grounds
  • Working on cleaning up the neighborhood
  • Supporting community services
  • Serving as a trustee on foundations
  • Working as a volunteer to better the community
  • Serving as a board or committee member in the church
  • Work for social justice
  • Support music and arts groups
  • Speak up at community forums
  • Volunteer at teen programs

For Unitarian Universalists, the stewardship financial pledge is a celebration of the fact that the congregation is supported and governed by the people; it is a voluntary act of commitment. It is also a privilege. Participating in our Year-Round Stewardship program signals a shared commitment to the work of the congregation.  For us at UUCFM we are transitioning and evolving our stewardship program to better meet the needs of the members of our congregation as well as the financial needs of the church.  We are moving from a once-a-year, time-pressured "campaign" to a "year-round" program giving members options that better align with their lives.  You are seeing these new aspects to our Stewardship approach at UUCFM:

  • An option to make a continuous pledge, i.e. not limited to just the current fiscal year.  This will pre-empt yearly, rushed Stewardship meetings in members' homes or at church and provide the church a more stable base for the annual budget planning cycle.  You may modify your continuous pledge at any time.
  • In conjunction with the above Stewardship option will be an option to tie your continuous pledge to the annual change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) so that each year (April) your continuous pledge amount will be adjusted by the previous year's average CPI.  This option allows you to update your pledge automatically as the cost of doing business for the church changes.  You may choose to turn this option on/off at any time.
  • Monthly "check-ins" with the Minister and church leaders will be held (eliminating the annual Every-Member Canvass).  These check-ins will involve about 10 members per meeting.  The meetings are completely voluntary, whether you are a continuous giver or an annual giver.  They offer a  more robust two-way connection between members and church leadership.  You will be apprised of the "state of the church" and updated on various programs.
  • An appeal to all members to consider why this might be the right time to consider how by increasing your generosity you will allow us as a faith community to better achieve the vision we have to "lead compassionately, generously, and inclusively to make SW Florida a more just, sustainable community, consistent with our strengths and values and those of our collaborative partners."  Simply stated, by working together we can better effect the changes we want to see in our community.  So, consider your Stewardship commitment as not only supporting the
    ongoing operation of our congregation, but also as a means of leveraging your impact on our community-like a UU-focused "united way."

We understand that many of our members have busy lives, filled with urgent demands on their time. We have created a new "Commitment Portal" as a convenient confidential way for members to pledge/renew their Stewardship Commitment to our faith community. Please take a few moments to complete the form at and to add your comments and feedback in the space provided.

Thank You! for the continuing support you bring to UUCFM, at any level, and for being a unique source of light in our bright future. Any questions? Call 239.561.2700 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


For a one page printable document of how pledging works at UUCFM click here.

May we know once again that we are not isolated beings but connected in mystery and miracle, to the universe, to this community and to each other." ~ Singing the Living Tradition

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Jill Carville
“We’re a church that doesn’t ask you to believe in any traditional religious beliefs if you don’t want to. Some of them believe in a God and some don’t.”

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Rose Klein
"I first found out about UU when attending a union leader talk at UU church in Detroit, Michigan."